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Hello Galactic Castaways, this is ALPHA CONTROL - the podcast about Irwin Allen’s classic 1960’s Sci-Fi Adventure television series LOST IN SPACE. Strap in with your 'Mission Controller', Laen August for compelling guest interviews - exploring subjects directly related to LOST IN SPACE. On some missions, Laen is joined by his old college chum and 'Co-Controller'; Kurt Kuersteiner - for comprehensive podcast reviews of individual original series episodes! Alpha Control Podcast is a fun-filled, informative & very high production value 'walk down memory lane' - exploring all things LOST IN SPACE. Welcome aboard as we "Blast Off" together to celebrate Irwin Allen's 'LOST IN SPACE'.

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Jun 28, 2018


EPISODE SYNOPSIS: We welcome Mr. Marc Cushman to Alpha Control for an exclusive interview. Marc is a Writer, Producer, Director and a Saturn Award Winning Author, which he won for his definitive 3 Volume Book set ‘These Are the Voyages’ a history of the original Star Trek TV...

Jun 21, 2018


EPISODE SYNOPSIS: The sources of water on the planet are drying up. The Robinsons have rigged up a water-conversion unit but it doesn’t supply enough for their needs. It becomes vital to find a new source. They set off in search & find an oasis. The water isn’t drinkable but there is a lot of fruit...

Jun 14, 2018

Invaders From the Fifth Dimension

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: A spaceship from another galaxy lands on the planet. One of its necessary computers has worn out & it cannot get back to its own star system without a replacement. A human brain will do to replace the missing part, the aliens tell Smith, who discovers them....

Jun 7, 2018

My Friend Mr. Nobody

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Penny, exploring, finds a cave in a rocky area where a curious echo sounds as if it is trying to talk to her. The echo gradually forms intelligible words & penny goes there every day to play with her mysterious, invisible friend that Maureen believes is just a child’s...