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Hello Galactic Castaways, this is ALPHA CONTROL - the podcast about Irwin Allen’s classic 1960’s Sci-Fi Adventure television series LOST IN SPACE. Strap in with your 'Mission Controller', Laen August for compelling guest interviews - exploring subjects directly related to LOST IN SPACE. On some missions, Laen is joined by his old college chum and 'Co-Controller'; Kurt Kuersteiner - for comprehensive podcast reviews of individual original series episodes! Alpha Control Podcast is a fun-filled, informative & very high production value 'walk down memory lane' - exploring all things LOST IN SPACE. Welcome aboard as we "Blast Off" together to celebrate Irwin Allen's 'LOST IN SPACE'.

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Nov 25, 2021

The Deadly Games of Gamma 6

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: An alien trainer, Myko, with his troupe of gladiator fighters arrives for their yearly display of games which are televised throughout the galaxy. Myko tries to persuade Professor Robinson to enter one of the contests. John refuses, but Dr. Smith, hearing that vast riches are paid to the victor, volunteers to fight a little alien only half his size. Myko agrees but doesn’t tell Smith that his half-pint opponent can make himself invisible, or that the military leaders of the galaxy are watching the games, planning to invade any planet whose representatives appear to be cowardly. Sadly, Dr. Smith loses the fight to the little alien. So, in order to save Earth from invasion, John challenges Myko to a game of Cosmic Russian Roulette.

PRODUCTION OVERVIEW-Writer: Barney Slater, Director: Nathan Juran, Producer: William D. Faralla, Executive Producer: Irwin Allen. Guest Stars: ‘Myko’ – Mike Kellin, ‘Alien Leader’ - Peter Brocco, ‘Geoo’ – Harry Monty, ‘Gromack’ – Ronald Weber & ‘Alien Giant – Chuck Roberson.

Film dates: 22 – 29 Aug 1966 (6 days), Air date: Wednesday Nov. 2, 1966 (no summer release)

PODCAST SYNOPSIS: Intro-Welcome, Production Notes, Show review, Next Week Preview, Outro. This podcast was recorded on 9/22/2021


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