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Hello Galactic Castaways, this is ALPHA CONTROL - the podcast about Irwin Allen’s classic 1960’s Sci-Fi Adventure television series LOST IN SPACE. Strap in with your 'Mission Controller', Laen August for compelling guest interviews - exploring subjects directly related to LOST IN SPACE. On some missions, Laen is joined by his old college chum and 'Co-Controller'; Kurt Kuersteiner - for comprehensive podcast reviews of individual original series episodes! Alpha Control Podcast is a fun-filled, informative & very high production value 'walk down memory lane' - exploring all things LOST IN SPACE. Welcome aboard as we "Blast Off" together to celebrate Irwin Allen's 'LOST IN SPACE'.

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Apr 1, 2020


EPISODE SYNOPSIS: We welcome Astrologer to the Stars Dr. JACOB SHAPIRO to Alpha Control for a special interview. Since the mid 1960’s many famous denizens of Tinsel Town turned to Jacob for Horoscope readings, Back adjustments & guidance. His career spanned over three decades & during that time he managed to help, heal and handle a long list of renowned clients from a variety of professions; such as actors, producers, politicians, authors & musicians.

JACOB’S BIO: Mr. Shapiro is originally from Philadelphia & attended Brandeis University where he received a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. After a brief stint as a travelling salesman for the Electrolux Corporation, he made a dramatic career change when he left the States to pursue a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine degree from Port Au Prince University in Haiti. After graduating, he returned to the States & set up a thriving practice in Southern California, near Los Angles. Following the divorce his second wife Irene, Jacob made another dramatic change of professions when he entered an intensive master’s degree program in Astrology at Chihuahua State University in Mexico. Within a short time, Dr. Jake as he became known; was the trusted counselor to A-list celebrities such as Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Riley, Bob Dylan & a host of other notable politicians, stars & culture leaders from around the world. Most notable to Lost in Space fans, he ultimately became close with both Irwin Allen & Jonathan Harris. Now after a 30+ year career in the business of treating & advising the rich & famous, Dr. Shapiro has put down his fascinating experiences & recollections in a new ‘Tell-All’ book; Jacob Shapiro; Guru to Hollywood’s Golden Age of Stars. A ‘must read’ chronicle of his life during the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s in Hollywood.

We’ll speak with Dr. Jake today about Irwin Allen, Jonathan Harris & his charmed life - rubbing elbows with the glamorous-powerful movers & shakers who made history both in front of & behind the camera. So, sit back & enjoy this engaging interview the delightful Dr. Jacob Shapiro!

PODCAST INFO: This interview was conducted on APRIL FOOL'S DAY 2020.