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Welcome Galactic Castaways, this is Alpha Control the podcast about Irwin Allen’s classic 1960’s Sci-Fi Adventure television series LOST IN SPACE. Listen to a comprehensive review of one episode of the series per podcast. We also release special shows and interviews focusing on subjects directly related to Lost in Space. Alpha Control is an interesting, fun walk down memory lane with two fans who grew up watching Lost in Space that finally get the opportunity to share their knowledge and love of the show with a wider audience.

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"Lost in Space - The Art of Ron Gross"



Jul 19, 2019


Oh No! A Summer Rerun! (Not quite.)

At the urging of my brilliant Special Guest Star, I went back & listened to the original version of this show & found it could use some TLC. Since this is the first episode of our podcast many new listeners will sample; our review of ‘The Reluctant Stowaway’ really deserved to be upgraded from the original release with cleaned up commentary from the hosts, more music & show clips. The original version has been replaced by this ‘Director’s Cut’, but I’m also posting it here as a separate download to bring it to our regular listener’s attention. Even if you’ve already heard the original take, you may want to give this upgraded encore version a listen. Enjoy!

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: In 1997, from the now desperately overcrowded Earth, the Robinson family & their pilot set off in the Jupiter 2 spaceship, as pioneers to colonize a distant planet circling Alpha Centauri. At blast off Smith, an agent of an enemy power, who has programmed the Jupiter 2’s Robot to destroy the ship, is trapped aboard. The robot is de-activated before completely carrying out his orders, but the ship is damaged & now far off course, lost in another galaxy. Robinson is outside trying to mend the damaged scanner when his tether breaks, leaving him floating helplessly in space…

PRODUCTION OVERVIEW-writer- Shimon Wincelberg (as S. bar-David), director Tony Leader, producer Jerry Briskin, executive Producer-Irwin Allen.

Film dates-19-28 July 1965 (8 days), Air date: Wednesday Sep 15, 1965 (no-summer repeat)

PODCAST SYNOPSIS: Intro-welcome, Podcast Vision, Irwin Allen LIS TV show background, concept, cast, episode review & analysis, preview next week.



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