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Welcome Galactic Castaways, this is Alpha Control the podcast about Irwin Allen’s classic 1960’s Sci-Fi Adventure television series LOST IN SPACE. Listen to a comprehensive review of one episode of the series per podcast. We also release special shows and interviews focusing on subjects directly related to Lost in Space. Alpha Control is an interesting, fun walk down memory lane with two fans who grew up watching Lost in Space that finally get the opportunity to share their knowledge and love of the show with a wider audience.

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"Lost in Space - The Art of Ron Gross"



May 27, 2020


EPISODE SYNOPSIS: We welcome Sci-Fi & horror Movie music expert Mr. DAVID SCHECTER to Alpha Control for a special interview. David is a highly accomplished & widely published writer/ editor, as well as a music, book & film critic. Since the mid 1990’s, he’s also been a producer, writer, publicist, and co-owner of the acclaimed CD label Monstrous Movie Music; specializing in soundtracks from classic science fiction & horror films. Over the course of his professional career, David’s formed friendships with several personalities of interest to Lost in Space & Sci-Fi fans including composer Herman Stein & actress Francine York among others.

DAVID’S BIO: Mr. Schecter is originally from New Jersey. David graduated from University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in Anthropology. His goal early on was to get into show business writing comedy & he later studied screenwriting & advertising copywriting at UCLA. Professionally, David cut his teeth as a copywriter for American Greeting Cards company, which started him on a decades-long career writing copy for numerous toy companies, book publishers, licensed characters & comedians. Later branching out into other writing fields, David became known as one of the best ‘gag writers’ in the business, David’s humorous articles & cartoons have been published in several newspapers & periodicals including The Milwaukee Journal, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Sacramento Union, Parade, Reader’s Digest as well as countless others. He also worked on several Hollywood memoirs, wrote four comedy screenplays, a TV pilot & a Novel for young readers.

After making the jump to the music business, David’s become recognized for his extensive knowledge of classic Sci-Fi & Horror film music. As such, he’s done special feature commentaries & interviews for numerous DVD/Blu-Ray releases such as; The Monster That Challenged the World, Tarantula, The Mole People, The Monolith Monsters & The Deadly Mantis among many others. In addition, he’s written extensively about the subject for various magazines & contributed to books including; The Creature Chronicles, Bride of the Gorilla, The Indestructible Man, and Universal Terrors 1951-1955.

Over the course of his career as a writer, editor, producer & reviewer, Mr. Schecter has been honored with several awards & accolades including two Rondo Awards; one for his writing & the other for his music producing. We’re going to speak with David about his love for classic Sci-Fi film scores & some of the lesser known genius composers who created it, including his longtime friend Herman Stein. He’s also collected a treasure trove of fascinating stories & anecdotes thru his writing career & association with luminaries such as actress Francine York.  So, sit back & enjoy this engaging interview the amazing David Schecter!


PODCAST INFO: This interview was conducted on 18 FEB 2020.

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