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Welcome Galactic Castaways, this is Alpha Control the podcast about Irwin Allen’s classic 1960’s Sci-Fi Adventure television series LOST IN SPACE. Listen to a comprehensive review of one episode of the series per podcast. We also release special shows and interviews focusing on subjects directly related to Lost in Space. Alpha Control is an interesting, fun walk down memory lane with two fans who grew up watching Lost in Space that finally get the opportunity to share their knowledge and love of the show with a wider audience.

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"Lost in Space - The Art of Ron Gross"



Aug 22, 2019


EPISODE SYNOPSIS: We welcome Mr. DOUG HINES.  Doug is owner/operator of GOTHAM CRUISERS, which is a fantastic company that he started in Dayton, Ohio that produces beautiful screen accurate replicas & conversion kits of the classic vehicles from the 1966 Batman TV series & Bat-cycle, as well as the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie! Recently, he secured a licensing agreement with Kevin Burns of Synthesis Entertainment to produce studio quality full scale replicas of the original Lost in Space Robot that are absolutely stunning. This is the first time in several years that a commercially produced complete B9 replica has been available for sale to the public, aimed at those interested in enjoying their own LIS Robot, without having to build one for themselves more affordable price point than in the past. Even better, the replica B9’s offered by GOTHAM CRUISERS will be available at a more affordable price point than earlier commercial versions. 

DOUG’S’ BIO: A native of the state of Ohio, Doug grew up loving classic sci-fi, fantasy adventure TV, such as LIS, Batman & the original Star Trek. His passion for these properties inspired him to start his own business producing recreations from these shows. He’s also been a longtime member of the B9 Robot Builders Club & completed his own personal LIS Robot some years ago.  During the course of researching and building his Gotham Cruisers & Robots, as well as helping others do the same, Doug has become an expert on the history & specifications of these iconic pieces of Sci-Fi Adventure History. So today we’re going to talk to him about these new B9 Replicas, but delve a little deeper into the details of these fantastic props & vehicles that have inspired fans for so many years. So, sit back & enjoy this engaging & informative conversation with Mr. Doug Hines!

PODCAST INFO: This interview was conducted on 19 JUN 2019.