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Welcome Galactic Castaways, this is Alpha Control the podcast about Irwin Allen’s classic 1960’s Sci-Fi Adventure television series LOST IN SPACE. Listen to a comprehensive review of one episode of the series per podcast. We also release special shows and interviews focusing on subjects directly related to Lost in Space. Alpha Control is an interesting, fun walk down memory lane with two fans who grew up watching Lost in Space that finally get the opportunity to share their knowledge and love of the show with a wider audience.

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"Lost in Space - The Art of Ron Gross"



Sep 6, 2018


EPISODE SYNOPSIS: We welcome a special guest to Alpha Control; Lost in Space artist Mr. RON GROSS. Ron is an incredibly talented & prolific graphic artist who is skilled in both traditional and digital rendering techniques. Many of his beautiful creations employ a distinctive hybrid production methodology that he personally developed. Ron's Lost in Space related works include assorted box art illustrations for both Polar Lights and Moebius Models model kits dating back to 1998. As a scale model prototyping artisan, Ron scratch-built his own 1:70 scale Jupiter 2 model that eventually became the design basis for the classic kit marketed by Polar Lights in 1998, thus filling the void for this decades-long awaited product. Ron has shared his novel scratch-building techniques with a wider audience, writing multiple articles for publications such as "Scale Modeler," "Fine Scale Modeler," and "Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeler". In association with Kevin Burns of Synthesis Entertainment, Ron also designed the official 45th and 50th Lost in Space anniversary logos. Fans of the show are most familiar with his stunning officially licensed calendars & poster art based on the original Irwin Allen television properties.

RON’S BIO: First, before we speak with him, a little background on Mr. Gross. Ron grew up in the Chicago-land area where he resides to this day.  Although, his creative interests & talents were evident from an early age; it's only after he retired from his 30+ year career working for the Tandy Corporation that he's been able to devote himself full-time to his art.  As a result of Ron’s life-long affection for Lost in Space & his later partnership with Kevin Burns, he’s acquainted with many exclusive behind-the-scenes details about the series. In addition, he’s had the opportunity to meet & get to know several of the original cast & creators. In fact, for many years he maintained a close personal friendship & correspondence with the late great Jonathan Harris. I know you will enjoy this compelling and informative interview with talented Lost in Space graphic artist & enthusiast Mr. Ron Gross, so sit back relax and enjoy.

PODCAST INFO: This interview was conducted on 18 July 2018.